Software for configuring Wifi

hi… I am considering to buy a Spark for a sensor that I was making. I am concerened that my users may not have enough time/patience/knowledge to connect the sensor (containing Spark) as per
the instructions on the wbesite. So can I write my own software that lets the user connect the sensor to their computer thr USB and manually selecting WiFi network and entering the credentials?

You can use Serial to output the data to a Terminal running on the computer and your users have the option to send wifi credentials via USB which is essentially Serial as well

@ kennethlimcp:
Thanks for your response. However, I am looking for something that is more user friendly.

In my case, once the sensor is configured to the right Wifi network, the user will simply install it and forget about it. All operations of the sensor will be controlled remotely. For that reason, I would like the user to simply connect the device and configure Wifi. Therefore can I write my own software (GUI based) which will allow the user to type the network credentials when they connect to the device to their computer?

Truth of the mater is the mobile spark app is going to be hard to beat.

If you suspect your users are going to be devoid of, Android or IOS then I would pursue the desktop gui idea further. However… Ultimately the app which you should take a look at even without having a core, is very simple. User puts password in for network they are conected to. Then bam, if the RF gods shine brightly upon you and the password is right, it will connect and your good to go.

Given you are dealing with muggles and also it seems and this is a one time thing. I would recomend for you to personally install the device to avoid issues. Sometimes connections take more then one try. Muggles tend to have very poor judgment on when more then one try appies… normally overlooking the thought of it or failing to recognize major issue points. Like for instence- router is the wrong type… power is unpluged… password is wrong… stop entering the same hoping its right… and so forth

@inof8or Thanks for your response. Sorry for the delay in getting back.