SoftAp-JS -TCP Socket Timeout Error (Photon) on Webserver

I know there are many posting relating to SoftApSetup JS but I am wondering my approach is wrong hosting softapsetup-js on my server. Here is exactly what I have:

  1. npm install softapsetup-js
  2. put device on listening mode (blinking blue)
  3. run this code to get device info:
    module.exports = function device_info(){

var SoftAPSetup = require(‘softap-setup’);
var sap = new SoftAPSetup();

function callback(err, dat) {
if (err) { throw err; }
console.log(“Device ID: %s, claimed: %s”,, dat.claimed ? “yes” : “no”);

I get TCP socket timed out error. I am running the web server on localhost:3000. I tried changing the port 80 to 3000 in the index.js file in softapsetup-js node module but no success. Can someone point out to me what I am doing wrong?

Hey @mtun009 – it looks like your question was solved over here?

If not, let me know that this is a different issue and we can jump in and provide some help.