sap.setClaimCode not working in 'softap-setup-js' libarary

I’m having issues with the ‘setClaimCode’ not working in the ‘softap-setup-js’ library. All other commands work such as ‘sap.deviceInfo()’ and ‘sap.publicKey()’;

const sapSetupOptions = {
“host”: “”,
“keepAlive”: true,
“timeout”: 5000,
“noDelay”: true,
“channel”: 6,
“protocol”: “http”

var sap = new SoftAPSetup(sapSetupOptions);

sap.setClaimCode(cat, this.setClaimCodeCallback);

I’m calling this code in the browser where ‘cat’ is my Customer Access Token that I received from the Particle Network API lookup, however the Particle Photon device is not saving the claim to the device after the call is made.

I’m seeing a 200 success POST call being made in my browser developer tools. But when I call sap.deviceInfo again it shows the device is still unclaimed.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Nevermind, once I set the wifi and issued the connect command the device accepted the claim. I tested a bit too early.