SocketCAN and can-utils with a Photon?

Does anyone know if it is possible to use SocketCAN and more specifically can-utils with a Photon? I’d like to try using it on my Mac OSX El Capitan and query the CAN bus on my vehicle using Carloop + Photon connected via a serial USB connection.

It seems SocketCAN is designed to only work on Linux devices directly connected to a CAN bus. Would it be possible to use the Photon’s CAN bus as a gateway and process the messages with can-utils functions from a Mac?

Actually thanks to @jvanier, there is now firmware available on the Particle Web IDE that makes a Photon or Electron SocketCAN compatible!

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Hello, Since Particle is supporting Raspberry Pi, it would be possible from Particle IDE to access socketcan (can0) using a raspberry previously configured with socketCAN and an MCP2551. Like when accessing the temperature reading of raspberryPi, by running script? (As in
PD. Sorry by my poor english.

I have confirmed SocketCAN works on RPI with a Carloop flashed Photon.