CAN FD (canbus flexible data rate) compatibility


I have a project where I have to work with CAN FD protocol.
Is there any library which works with particle photon? Is MCP2562FD works with it?


Hi @atom, would the below links be helpful?

You won’t be able to use the native Electron CAN interface with CAN FD, as the STM32F205 does not support CAN FD. The MCP2562FD is only a transceiver, so the CAN interface behind it must be compatible with FD as well.

The MCP2518FD should work. It connects by SPI. I haven’t checked that particular chip but MCP_CAN_RK is a fork of the MCP_CAN_lib for Particle devices and works with the MCP25625 and MCP2515. It will probably work with the MCP2518FD, possibly with minor modifications.

The MCP2518FD doesn’t have an integrated transceiver, so you’ll also need the MCP2562FD or a different transceiver.

For prototyping I’d use the Mikroe MCP2518FD Click board that includes the transceiver (a different one, but that’s fine).

Thanks for both of your inputs!
It help me a lot!

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