CAN Bus Implementation...?

From looking at the data sheet of the STM32F103 ARM processor which the SparkCore uses, I see that it has some kind of chip-level support for the Common Area Network (CAN) bus - see page 19 of that data sheet. As you probably know, CAN is used as the event communication network between intelligent components within many modern cars and also now as the lower level protocol in an increasing number of home automation systems using HA protocols such as VSCP (Very Simple Control Protocol).

Is there any high level support available for this latent CAN capability, like a library or some kind of example starting program?

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You can find the datasheet lots of places but the github repo for the core hardware is here:

I am not aware of any CAN library for Spark.

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This is something I’d like to see, too, eventually. Looks like the pins are broken out on the Photon (I haven’t checked Core) as D1 and D2 for the TX and RX lines (might have switched those, double check), thanks to alternate port mapping supported by the CPU hardware.

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Hi @AlanSparkMan / @naikrovek,

Indeed, I believe the CAN bus will be available on the Photon, we’re really excited about it, but I’m not aware of any libraries for it yet. :slight_smile:



Thanks guys. I will look forward to getting my first Photon even more now!

Alan T

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Also interested in CAN bus implementation on the Photon. There were lots of CAN-related ideas in the Electron thread so hopefully someone will implement something!

Anyone ever used the CAN bus shield?

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I am also looking forward to seeing CAN bus available. However, I assume we will still need a small shield that will provide the CAN transceiver chip, which converts the Tx/Rx to the two wire differential signal needed for CAN.

Has there been any implementation posted for the API?

I’m using Thomas Fischl’s circuit for the MCP2551 with TI LaunchPads and would like try using a Photon to replace my existing CC3200-MCP2515-MCP2551 WiFi-SPI-CANBUS gateway. I just received a pair of Photons and I just started looking into the CANBUS programming. I’m interested to see if there are any existing resources that I can make use of.
CAN interface for Stellaris Launchpad

The photon has CAN on board…

With that said, I do not believe the drivers are implemented yet.

All it needs hardware wise, is the CAN transceiver chip.

Exactly what your looking for.

Any news about this library?
I need to use my Photon with canbus.

See: Photon CAN Bus [Completed]