Photon/Core and CAN-Bus SN65HVD232

So I’ve got both the Photon and the Core and I’ve built a board with an Texas Instrument CAN-Bus transceiver ( and hooked it’s outgoing pins to the TX/RX pins of the board. But now I’m stuck, is there any good way to read and potentially send messages over the can-bus and relay them to the USB (Serial port) for reading?

I would be forever grateful for any input and example code to help me get started.

I’m using the SN65HVD232 and the RX/TX pins on the chip are the D/R pins and they are connected directly to the Particle’s serial pins.

Are you using the UART Rx and Tx or the CAN Rx and Tx? I don’t think the Core had the CAN pins exposed.

There is a big difference between UART and CAN in the micro.

I have not received my photon yet (CAN is supposed to be exposed) and I ordered a CAN transceiver last night so once I get all my stuff I might be able to help.

CAN is exposed with D1/D2.

I haven’t looked at the API yet but are there functions to send and receive 11 & 29 bit messages?

Not asking for hi level protocols just the basics.

Don’t think any work was done on CAN yet

I wrote a CAN driver for the stm32f2xx about 4 years ago… I wonder if I can dig something up.

Or do you rely on ST’s libraries?

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I guess looking at ST appnote would be a great place to start with :smile:

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Did you get any further with this?

Sorry I have not had a chance to play with this yet. Kids, hospital, so many gadgets, work…