SmartConfig vs SoftAP

owning a Spark Core and coming across some issues with configuration of Wifi-data (need multiple tries, to get the Core to find the data “on air”), i want to know if SoftAP is more stable?

I have to build a system where the initial setup (thats the Wifi) is as dead simple as possible.
Having to repeat it multiple times, (and i’ve stucked sometimes with 15min, checking my whole Wifi-Settings, different spots, and so on), is not that simple and very frustrating. (And as far as i know, there are more topics about the SmartConfig and the TI-CC3000 have some issues).

Reading about SoftAP i think it should be more stable. But is it? Does someone experience problems with setting up a Photon? (I’ve ordered some, but still need to be delivered)

SmartConfig is proprietary technology developed by TI, makers of the CC3000. It uses specially sized wifi packets to encode data and sent it to a device on the network without actually having access to the WiFi network.

SoftAP on the photon uses standard technologies - the Photon becomes a WiFI access point, using no encryption so that it’s possible for most wifi clients to connect to it. To my knowledge, the setup is always reliable. If issues do arise, they will most likely be in our code that we run on top of SoftAP - we have the full source for this and can fix any problems that may arise.

I hope that allays any concerns. :smile:

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@mrau Photon seems to accept WiFi credentials better than the Core.

However, my log shows that out of 20 Photons, five needed more than one go at loading WiFi credentials. Those five didn’t find my WiFi the first time out. I reset them and tried again using the IOS app. One device never worked period.

I only got a few Cores to work using the IOS app and mostly had to set them up via serial using Spark Dev.

As @mdma states, having control over all this at the software level is a huge advantage of the Photon

Thanks for your reply.

I think @mdma hit the point. Having access to the code handling the SoftAP is the way to go, in cases of
a non-working setup.