Is that possible to support AirKiss or SmartConfig?

Is that possible to support AirKiss or SmartConfig?

What is AirKiss or SmartConfig?

Why AirKiss or SmartConfig?
easy and fast

SmartConfig was part of the Spark Core (CC3000) setup process, but Photon and Gen3 devices are not based on TI chips anymore.

Is very hard to add SmartConfig to Photon?

Seeing as it's not using that hardware anymore, I'd reckon it to be really really really hard. But hey, the code is open source, so if you want to give it a shot, have at it :wink:

What's wrong with SoftAP though?

  1. AirKiss or SmartConfig It is easy to use
  2. User’s cell phone will not disconnect from internect
  3. It is popular in China

SmartConfig wasn’t really the most convenient method to use on the Core, and had issues of its own.
While SoftAP does disconnect from the internet (unless you have an additional connection, over LAN for example), the connection is a bit more secure and more reliable since you’re not broadcasting your credentials into the ether, hoping the right device will pick them up.

Gen3 will offer bluetooth as a means to configure a device, and will allow for a connection to both the internet and the device at the same time on both ends, so you can monitor what’s going on. That should be a better alternative to both SoftAP as well as SmartConfig.

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