Config App without Login?

Hi All

I am almost to the point where I will be releasing a beta test of a product that I have been developing. The product will connect to the Spark Cloud, but more for firmware updates than anything else. As such, I will be managing that, and users will not need to log into the Spark cloud.

I was thinking that it might be good to have a version of the Smart Config software available that from you guys without the need to log into the back end - just for configuration. I am sure that other developers have a similar need


Smart Config?

The Android source code is available and the Smart Config application is also available from TI :wink:

I may have missed something, but I thought that the TI program required you to enter a key, which is pre-entered with the Spark version of the code. Or is that code simply optional?

The aes key? Spark uses sparkdevices2013

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This is optional also.

I have just checked this, and the “sparkdevices2013” might be optional on the TI app, but unless it is added the device will flash green once the settings have been uploaded.

So, to get the TI software to work, I need to tell users to either enter an aes key of ‘sparkdevices2013’, and get them to click the box in the software. And if they I get them to use the Spark apps, they need an account, which they will not need for anything else.

How hard is it to get the Spark Cores to be able to be configured without entering the AES key in the TI App?

Thanks… Darryl