Singapore - Spark at Geek Camp

Hey everybody - just wanted to let those of our community members in Singapore know that the community’s very own @kennethlimcp is going to be giving a talk at this weekend’s Geek Camp!

He’ll be talking about making hardware come alive…and rumor has it giving away some Spark Cores!

Good luck @kennethlimcp, you’re going to be awesome!


Aw, I wish I could be there, I know this will be a lot of fun! Go Kenneth! :rocket: :clap:


Woot! Go @kennethlimcp! :clap: :sparkles: :smiley: :+1:

@kennethlimcp rocks as usual!!! :wink:

Prepping all the giveaways!!!


Sounds awesome, wish i could be there!

What things will you be talking about? Im geussing you will have your message torch there… and your RFID locker?

Did you solder and play with the motor card i sent you yet? i know you have been busy…


The torch is definitely going to be there together with the uSD/FRAM Testing Jig to perform some cool demos! :smiley:

I have the motor shield soldered but yet to test with your new firmware!

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Woh there @kennethlimcp! That’s just a little too much excitment! :stuck_out_tongue:


Kenneth, Hope all goes well

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