Simple Wifi PC remote

Still waiting for cores and playing with SketchUp 3d model
After seeing realized I’d like to have some kind of wifi remote. I have G930 headset with 3 buttons and it is extremely useful, so making wifi remote that could connect to multiple PCs would be even more useful.

So I modelled this

Pretty simple board with 3.7V LiIon battery. I doubt, though, that any battery charging circuit can be added without increasing size, so this is just direct core connection

Wifi is much better than bluetooth because has much wider range

P.S. I now hate SketchUp - it is worst 3d program I’ve ever used.

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And I love sketch up… It’s like everything. Eventually you grow into it and if feels like the most comfortable pair of slippers. Good job though…

Wifi is very nice for dedicated applications… and you control the I/O and make it yourself!

The thing about the iWise Button that is nice it uses Bluetooth LE (I’m presuming) because all of those things they show it controlling are BT… and it’s easy on the battery life. …tradeoffs.

I’m looking in my crystal ball and seeing a blue colored Spark device for these types of applications sometime in the future. Spark Lite?

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