Simple web scripts with

I want to share this awesome free service I found recently called

It’s a really simple way to create web scripts/HTTP microservices. You pick a name, paste your code and you’ve got an HTTP endpoint. No need to set up servers or install a web framework to get started.

You code runs on demand when the HTTP endpoint is requested. There’s even a way to schedule your code to run on a timer (cron job).

Since a hook can run any code you want, you use hooks to communicate with Particle devices in both directions: triggered from a Particle webhook to run code on a device event, or talk to a device through the Particle API when you access the hook through a browser.

I made a little guide to show how to create a hook and have it run when a Photon publishes an event.

Let me know what you build with this!


Thanks @jvanier for sharing this. Looks promising since it supports different languages. One another I am using is It supports only JavaScript and Blockly.


Hi @krvarma, thanks fro sharing I have been playing with it and it is really awesome.

I have been trying to add var spark = require('spark'); without much success. How can I do this?

Do I need to create a new module? Or is there a way to do something like: var spark = require({"url": ""});?


In case you want to try it has auto install functionality for npm packages. Just require(‘spark’) has usual.


I added var Spark = required('spark') to my code and it worked perfectly. It is awesome that has out of the box support for npm packages.

Thanks or the help @jvanier!

For those interested, I recently found which is similar (I found it via HackerNews). I had issues importing my code from Github and emailed the TaskMill admins. They replied super quick and fixed the problem in no time. I haven’t had time to really play around with it but, at the very least, they CS is awesome


@jvanier, that’s a great feature, I don’t think has this.

@sazp96 can you tell us what you are building? I’m always interested to hear about different use cases for the particle boards.

@jvanier I’m trying to build a logging portal to track key metrics for a smart product based on the Photon.

I was trying to find a service where I could run some JS to subscribe to the event stream of my devices. But it seems that I might be over-complicating this. Now I’m trying sites like and to do the heavy lifting for me.

Yeah, those solutions are going to be the easiest for logging.


I am very glad that you appreciate using Don’t hesitate to contact us ( for any question. We will definitely assist you in getting the best of



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