Couple of questions about the Particle javascript library


I just received my first two Photons. I have some micro-controller experience and am a seasoned
programmer in multiple languages (master of none), and I must say ‘Well done’ to the entire Particle Team. I have been waiting for this device to be invented at the current price point since I got into this hobby 10 years ago.

While testing exposing variables, functions and publishing events, a couple of questions came up.

  1. For HTML interaction, I am including the spark.min.js JavaScript file (see Example below) in my HTML and want to be sure to use the latest version. So… where can I find what the latest version is ?


  1. In some of the java-script examples, there is a spark.on (… function. Is this a nodejs.js event, because I can’t seem to locate any documentation. I assume because it is java-script and asynchronous, callbacks are a necessity. Are there any technical documents concerning the spark.min.js class ?

Thank you in advance and what an amazing device,