[Submission] Simple javascript lib for web apps

Might be old and not of great use but I put up a small lib on GitHub called sparkjs. It’s just enough javascript to pull variables and make function calls from your browser to the cores. Check it out, let me know if it’s useful.


Love seeing stuff open up!

Did you happen to run across the “official” spark javascript library that’s supported?

If so, I could definitely see a lighter weight client being useful… If not, then have a look! Clone and make some improvements!

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I just moved the GitHub for this and renamed it to sparkio-client to avoid confusion with the existing sparkjs lib meant for server side nodejs use. https://github.com/uchobby/sparkio-client

I’m thinking that the existing sparkjs lib is meant for nodejs on the server side while mine is meant for the client side…

The Github page for the original sparkjs does say:

It can also run in the browser without node.js.