Simple Temperature iPhone App

Hi Spark Core guys.
You may have already tried MEASURING THE TEMPERATURE example at which is great way to know how to use the temperature sensor.
I just created very simple iPhone App which connect the sensor via the Cloud API and blogged the whole process at

You can also download whole source code github.
The iPhone App is written in Swift, so easier to understand than Objective-C :smile:
Any questions are welcomed!


Will you make a project with more analog/digital inputs and outputs? Because I’m not sure how to decompose the JSON response in Swift yet.
Temperature+lightsensor as inputs and RGB LED as output for example.
That would be an awesome tutorial!

1 Like this might come in handy maybe. Doing some tutorials about it myself now, but it’s still not that easy :slight_smile:

I made a simple app and seem to have got the RGB light working. Also made a Spark Swift Class so it’s cleaner and easier to do requests. The files are a little all over the place because of a submodule problem but just look for UIControls and don’t forget the SparkModel.swift file.
Check it out at:

Got a UISlider working, a UISwitch and a UIButton since they look the most usefull to me.
Next thing up is checking the variables from the SparkCore for initialisation of the UI-elements.
If we all work together on this we can make an awesome framework for using the SparkCore/SparkPhoton as THE IoT device :wink: note I used other peoples code to build of from so big thanks to @will, @bko, @higepon and probably many others.


Yahoo! Nothing like a simple interface :stuck_out_tongue: