iOS code to measure temperature

I just created an iOS project for an app that reads the temperature from a temperature sensor connected to the Spark Core. You can download it here:

The circuit diagram and cloud code for this project is here:


This is great. I was planning on doing something similar with a humidity sensor. Could you post some screenshots of the iOS app so I can see how it looks since I don’t have a mac to compile the program? Thanks!

Here is a screenshot from the app:

Great work… thanks rawmean. do you have any other project source in android platform?

So cool!

Don’t have the hardware so just to make the needle move changed Spark Core code:
// temperature = analogRead(A0);
temperature = rand() % 100 + 600;

Amazing how quick the development cycle is.

Thanks. I only write iOS apps. Eagerly awaiting for the event API to make more apps. Event are going to be huge.

Thanks for the example code. It does appear however that your access token and core id is in the code checked into github. Not sure if you want those in a public repository.

Does the app support multiple sensors? I brew beer and I’m constantly monitoring multiple temps, this would be great!

This app is only for a single sensor, but it’s very easy to extend it to more sensor. Alternative, you can buy this commercial product that comes with an excellent free app:

they have a very accurate temp sensor along with other types of sensors such as moisture/leak sensor.

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That is pretty awesome. Unfortunately their current sensors can’t be submerged…


I just got a shiny new spark core and I’m hoping to initiate this project when I have a bit more time(hopefully the next couple weeks). I know nothing about iOS apps. How hard would it be to tweak the app to display up to 4 temps numerically at the same time?

Then I just need to work on wiring multiple sensors…

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Sorry for the delayed response. It’d be trivial to change the app to read multiple temperature sensors. Let me know if you encounter any problems.