Simple Menu System project

Hello, I have been working on porting some of my code from other micros that I use to the photon. I’ve recently ported over a menu system that I made a while ago and I thought I would share it here so other people might be able to use it in a project. If anyone has any question, suggestions, or features that they would like to see added, feel free to let me know.

I currently only have it setup to work with ili9341 based displays and its relatively simple to add text to the menu and add functions to those menu items. I have plans to add support for other display types in the future. I’m currently working on getting support for i2c based lcd displays and I should have some examples for that soon.

Here is a link to my project on github.

Adding new menu options

You build your text menus using an array of stings:

char* mainMenu[3] = {"    Main Menu",
                    "Test Menu 1   ",
                    "Test Menu 2   "

Making the associated functions for the menu works by first making an array of function pointers:

typedef void (* MenuFuncPtr) (); // Function pointer for Main Menu

// Main menu function pointer array
MenuFuncPtr menu_func[3] = {0,

To set and display your menu you can use the functions I have made:

setMenu(mainMenu, menu_func, sizeof(mainMenu)/sizeof(char *)-1);

For the menu options you would then setup up functions and make associated string arrays and function pointer arrays for each menu like above:

void buildTestMenu1(void) {
  setMenu(testMenu1, test1_func, sizeof(testMenu1)/sizeof(char *)-1);

While your app/code is running you want to set the appRunning bool to true so the input can be used in your app/code. Then to get back to the menu you can set the bool back to false and use the same code to return to which ever menu you like.

setMenu(mainMenu, menu_func, sizeof(mainMenu)/sizeof(char *)-1);

Thank you for your hard working and sharing it!

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