Simple IFTTT 4 x relay control noob help required

Hi All,

Sorry for being a complete code noob to this type of coding.

I have the Particle Photon and a Relay Shield. I’ve got basic control of the relays (DO,D1,D2 & D3) using analogWrite from the app using Tinker, not all that exciting.

what im looking to achieve is the following:

Using IFTTT on an IOS location becon to engage the relays (independantly) for a second, to trigger an automation system to set a house up (Lights, Heating, Blinds etc) then dis-engage them.
I am using the dry contact relay to simply feed a signal into my automation system to then engage conditional logic acording to the time of day, if im arriving home or leaving the area to engage an away (synthesised occupation mode).

if any one can help with pointing me in the right direction of how to start, maybe provide me with code for one relay that i can then modify & duplicate for the remaining relays.

thanks in advance.