Simple Backlog / Project Management / To-Do / Wishlist Software?

More and more each day I feel like I have an ever-growing out-of-control list of things to-do. Inevitably I always seem to forget something that I want to do and it would be GREAT if I could find a lightweight piece of software that could manage all of these “tasks” with a way to easy add new tasks from my web browser (Chrome) and possibly my iPhone as well. I need a super simple way to rate each task’s priority, give it a follow-up date, due-date, description, and be able to add comments to it as time progresses, check it done, re-open it if need be.

I wouldn’t mind hosting it on my own website, just for me to use… but I wouldn’t mind a tag that made items public as well.

This could easily be reused as my wishlist of things I want, and friends/family could browse this list… and/or it could update my facebook status as I added items to it. Or it could inform my friends/family/customers/followers of updates to things they are waiting for me to do for them.

Sounds incredible right? Well I’ve been looking for this magic app for a while now, and haven’t found it. Everything I find is subscription based and bloated. Do I have to code this myself or what? Is this a Trouble Ticket system with Facebook add-on? Would it make sense to use Discourse for this?

Surely this forum full of productive people have some ideas for me, right? :smile: fingers crossed

Trello has a nice free hosted task management app: – it doesn’t have every feature imaginable, but it’s free and pretty :slight_smile:

Have you tried Jira? Link here.

Costs either $10 to buy out right or you can have hosted for $10 (for up to ten users) per month.

Been using for years - works well.

For personal use I’d consider the Remember The Milk Todo List Applicaiton. It comes with an API and is on most platforms (android, ios

If you want something more profesh/for an organization or small group of people, I’ve found producteev works well (its sort of meant for project management). It also has an API

Hope that helps!

Just found Toodledoo also, seems to have everything you are looking for as well as an IFTTT channel so you don’t even need to mess with APIs!

Try Wrike , they have a free version, apps for iOS and Android. Its a good personal and team task manager, the premium version adds some middle level PM tools. I like the email in feature (not sure if its available in the free version)

@bdub - for software, Jira is the shizzle. It’s inexpensive and awesome. Oh, and Bitbucket (also from Atlassian and free) beats Github like a rented mule then steals it’s lunch money. Kira also has an agile style add on view (also super cheap) to do backlog and so on in a very visible way.

For personal use? Asana all the way. Great tool, nice price (free) and really just well thought out.

If none of those suit you Pivotal Tracker is nice as well, but I prefer Jira.


+1 for Toodledo.

I have used it for many years and like it.

Guys, thanks for all of the suggestions! I promise I’ll try each one out in search of the best!

For now I went with the first one suggested early on, and started giving it a chance. I REALLY like it.

For some reason the hardware board won’t show up in my Cards view for public. I see them just fine when I’m logged in.


I would like to suggest proofhub project management tool for elaborate description of tasks and for their systematic execution.