Signal a Piezo buzzer

I have a particle electron being used to create an IOT product and mobile app. Currently, the particle electron has firmware that records various sensor data which is then sent to Azure for data collection and analysis. Id like to remotely trigger a piezo buzzer from the mobile app (not yet created). I know that the firmware will have include a command to sound the alarm / buzzer, but how would you make the call to do so? Can someone point me to any helpful documentation? Ive read about particle boards triggering actions on other particle boards but how is that accomplished from a web service / app to a particular board?

It depends on the actual buzzer/transduzer you are using, but for an actual buzzer you’d only use digitalWrite(buzzerPin, HIGH) to make it sound and LOW to switch it off.

For interaction between devices you should read up on Particle.publish() and Particle.subscribe()


Have a look at this tutorial: