Shipping mode does not kick in at low SOC

I see that my Tracker One was registering a battery left with 2.6% using release/v9 firmware which does not tally with the changelog that states:

[TRACKER ONE] Force device to enter shipping mode when battery charge falls below 8% and publish location message with battery low trigger. Publish location message with battery warning when charge falls below 15%.

  "cmd": "loc",
  "time": 1604154660,
  "loc": {
    "lck": 1,
    "time": 1604154661,
    "lat": 1.32014787,
    "lon": 103.75037384,
    "alt": 62.582,
    "hd": 337.4,
    "h_acc": 11,
    "v_acc": 11,
    "batt": 2.6,
    "temp": 30.7
  "trig": [
  "req_id": 1
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Tested with release/v10 and it seems to be working ok. Published a payload at 2% SOC before entering shipping mode.

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The issue centers around the power manager and user calls into the PMIC API. The power manager normally handles all PMIC events and configuration but unfortunately overrides any user settings from application made in between. I created this workaround in v10 to address this override. I’ll be making changes in device OS 3.0.0 to allow for more user control.