Shield Shield possible update

Just a heads up for you guys,

If one was to purchase a Screw Shield for Arduino, from Adafruit. The board overlaps the connectors for the Sparkcore, so it won’t plug in. If the connectors for Sparkcore were moved over 5mm, it would fit.

This could be achieved by supplying extra headers, or just moving the headers over to the outside position.

Same issue for Adafruit motor shield.

Maybe an update for V3 of Shield Shield ?


Hello @BusterSpark
Yes, we are keeping track of such issues. If there are enough Shields out there that could benefit from moving the connectors around on the Shield Shield, we would definitely make the necessary changes!

Could you raise the height of the shield by adding female-make headers in between for now?

Thanks for the inputs!

im good,

just wanted to mention it