Sharp Memory LCD Displays = Ultra Low Power


@dplumly, I posted two libraries for the SharpMem display. The Core does not have enough memory to handle a display larger than 128x128. The first library can accommodate those displays. The library could be easily adapted to run with the mfGFX library. For a larger display, I wrote a second library which uses FRAM as a display buffer. :smile:



I just saw that Sharp is releasing a new Color Memory LCD Display real soon also. I’ll order some when they are available and send you one if you think altering the code to display colors is something you are up to.


Thanks for the reply @peekay123! I am using the the 96x96 display. Is this a public library? I am confused on where to find it in the Spark ide.


@dplumly, it is not in the IDE. I can have it up on the IDE tonight though. :smile:


Awesome @peekay123. I really appreciate all your help! You rule!


To correct a slight error, the core can handle larger displays it simply can’t do much with them. You can easily read very large images directly from flash to the larger display. Combine that with some clever data manipulation and you can write small bits of dynamic content to the displays too. But yes, if you want to have full control of a display you will need a smaller display or a Photon :smile:


@harrisonhjones, you are correct regarding sending images to the display without using a RAM display buffer. However, the SharpMem display requires whole-line or whole-display (multi-line basically) refreshing (and the screen is write only) so to do small bits, you need to refresh all affected lines. :smile:


Is the SharpMem library on the IDE now? Searched for “Sharp” but came up empty.


@spongefile, I did not post it on the IDE but you can find it here. I need to port it to the Photon. Are you planning on using it on the Photon or Core?


I was going to try it with the Photon, since that just arrived :slight_smile: But I do have Cores as well.
Is the Photon better suited to run it, or does it make a difference at all?


@spongefile, the Core is RAM-limited and can only support a 128x128 (max) SharpMem display. The Photon can most likely support the larger 2.7" 400x240 and 4.4" 320x240 displays which require a larger RAM buffer. :smile:


@Peekay123 , I’m finally putting that custom Font Library to good use! I’d be screwed without it.

I’m still waiting to get my hands on the color Sharp Memory LCD’s.


Very cool.

I’ve got my demo of me playing Pong on the same display using a Photon.

As soon as you can source the color LCDs please let me know. I’d love to play around with them.

Is that display for your solar charger?


@harrisonhjones , these screens are some of the best graphic LCD’s out there if you ask me. Hi resolution and very easy to read even in direct full sunlight which is impossible with color LCD’s.

Post some pictures of your screen running pong if you can. I’d like to see it.

Mouser and Digikey will be stocking the 1.33 inch color LCD’s soon. Supposedly you can get samples now but I have not figured out how to get them just yet.

And yes these screens will be used in a new line of portable solar generators were building out. The larger units will have the Electron built into them for wireless data communication that will be saved, graphed, and made available via a web interface.



Is the code to run this for an Adafruit 96x96 display on the IDE (@Peekay123)? I checked just now and couldn’t find it. I’ve been battling to find a single source of code (without FRAM I think because I’m running on a Photon) which will work… if it’s not on the IDE then I’m battling to copy all the necessary files across…

Any ideas or quick shortcuts here?


@neal_tommy, look here:

The default display size is 96x96.


@peekay123 Came across this new code for the Sharp Memory LCD Displays on Arduino if anybody now or in the future is interested.


@RWB, nice! I’ll have a look :smile:


@RWB, this is a text ONLY library so no graphics or anything fancy like that. Also, all fonts are fixed to 8x8 pixels. :smile:


Thanks @peekay123. I’ve tried it again and still no success. My photon on breathes magenta, so not sure what is going on here. It seems to connect easy enough to Arduino so maybe I’ll just stick to that for now (download example, plug it in and it works…!).

Thanks mate.