4DLCD-FT843 lcd display / FTDI FT800 lcd controller

4DLCD-FT843 embedded SPI display from 4D Systems, featuring a 4.3" resistive touch display with an integrated FTDI FT800 Video Engine :

I got mine from the UK (includes bezel and breakout board) :


I ported a test library (port of Touch.ino and FT_App_Clocks.ino examples) :

wiring :
1 3.3V - 3.3V
2 SCK - A3 SCK
5 CS - A2 SS
7 PD - D0
10 GND - GND

There are a lot of examples here :


(see \examples\FT_Breakout_4DLCD_FT843\ directory, I only tried Basic\Touch and Basic\HelloWorld and Advanced\FT_App_Clocks)

For more information, also see :


In case memory is tight, see :


for a lower level interface. (I used that code as a first test)


Very cool! Is that seriously 4.3" touch sensitive display for only $60 with the breakout board?

Yes that’s right (excluding shipping & tax!).

The main feature for me is the bezel!

The FT800 controller is very powerful but that makes it a bit more complicated to use than e.g. a digole display…

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Ouch. I thought I would order one to try it out but the shipping for rest of the world is a whopping $126

I think I will give this a miss.

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That is exactly why I got mine from the UK company… See link above.

That was the price from FTDI website (I am in Jakarta)

I just checked the 4D Systems website and they have a flat rate of $32 so that is more acceptable.

Ah OK…
I’m in europe and FTDI charged me around US$30,- for shipping.
(total including shipping and including tax (v.a.t.) was around $US105,-)

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Seems like this display is no longer available, sad since this seemed like an amazing deal