Versamodule soon to release TFT LCD shields

We would like the community’s feedback on what you think should be the first TFT LCD with touch screen you would all like for us to come out with first for the SparkCore as a shield.

Basically we are torn on which way to go as they both have their pro’s and cons …

Versamodule Driver Method

Our own custom driver for the following TFT LCD’s with touch screen using SPI interface. 2.8", 3.5", 4.3"& 5”. We ported our code from to the spark core.

Pros: Clear and easy to use function calls. Like Line, Circle, Text, ClearScreen and so on.
You can view a video of these on our video page.

Specifically these two videos:

Due to the limited flash size of the core one can typically stick in just one font.
We have a work around for this in 2 ways.
A) Add a 8-pin, 8Meg SPI Flash IC to the LCD board that we will pre-load many fonts.
B) add a SD card to the LCD board , then the user can add their own fonts and graphics to the card.
We have not implemented SD card code yet but it is a possibility.

FTDI FT800 Driver Method

We have ported FTDI FT800 code over to run on the Spark Core. We have the same size LCD’s running as above now. We have implemented both SPI & I2C methods of communication.

Pros: Several build in font sizes, also has sound ability.
Cons: Not that simple for newbies to understand all the complex calls to do simple things like throw text on the screen and perform other graphic things. Learning curve is a bit high for this.

Thoughts… Personally I like the features the FT800 gives but the command structure to make it do things is quite crazy. Whereas our code is very simple to use and importing fonts and graphics is very easy for even a newbie. So if you guys could give a “+1” for which method and size screen you would like we would appreciate it. After a few days of running this the method and size that has the most votes will win and we will comes out with that one first.

Examples for voting.
Versamodule 3.5” +1
Versamodule 4.3” +1
FTDI 3.5” + 1

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Versamodule 4.3” B +1 (with uSD card slot & library)

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The main disadvantage with the FTDI approach is the complex command structure. This can be mitigated and made easier for newbies via a wrapper library. If you assume that is in place, how do the two alternatives pan out then? It would seem the FTDI would require less hardware and offer the convenience of built in fonts.

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4.3” B +1 :slight_smile: for me!

versamodule 4.3 B +1

IMO, I find the Versamodule units overpriced. You can get a gameduino 2 with an FT800, a 480x272 display, a touch screen, accelerometer and more PLUS arduino support for $59 at seeedstudio!

@peekay123, I would encourage all to please keep this thread to its topic.

If you were comparing apples to apples. then yes we would be overpriced. This is not the case. Our products use a •32-bit processor running 250MHZ with 64MB DDR2 RAM and 8MB Flash. We can support video @ 45fps. There is no way a FT800 can get anywhere near that rate. we also have full support for TCP/IP, RTOS, and SD card support built in. No need to try to hack in other people libs that have not been fully tested.
Lastly, our product’s were designed for industry use, to be robust and reliable for years to come.
Most things arduino related I would never stick in a box and try to sell it as a product.

seulater, I appreciate the education and I have a better grasp of your market. However, when you say:

Most things arduino related I would never stick in a box and try to sell it as a product.

I suggest being careful with these types of general statements. After all, the Spark Core can be considered arduino related and IT IS being used in boxes and sold as products! The entire Arduino community would beg to differ with you.

@peekay123, I spoke my opinion just as you did when you said our products were overpriced. Yet you seem to have a problem with what “I” would do. Why are you able to speak your mind and I am not ?

I did not say something like “No one would…”, I said " I would never…". I did not bash arduino or the people who use it. If it was taken that way to anyone I am sorry. To be more clear on that statement I mean the majority of these low costs arduino products are not designed to be bought, then slapped together and stuck in a box and mass sell it. They are intended to teach people hardware basics and programming.

I admit I got upset at your post which had nothing to do with this thread. So why someone would post something like that and bash someone else’s hard work is a mystery to me.

seulater, let’s call a truce! I DO NOT want to bash your product and I can see you are quite invested in it. This community is more than capable of making educated decisions on which products to use and yours offers solid options. Keep calm and carry on :smile:


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edit for relevance: can I display this kitten?

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Dave, love the kitten! LOL!

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