Easy to Customize Large LCD Touch Screens Avalialbe

In the past I saw Itlead Stuido on Indigogo trying to raise money for these screens but now they are available for sale.

I saw them on this Youtube video where a guy is using the Photon also:

The key to the screen is the free software that allows you to layout the screen graphics and touch buttons with ease.

I just ordered a 5" version to test out for projects where power consumption does no need to be kept to a minimum. I use Sharp Memory displays when power consumption needs to be minimal.

You can get more info on the screens at: http://nextion.itead.cc/

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I like your display , so looked to see if I can get one in the U.K , but so far it`s from roboshop canada or itead themselfs.

@peter_a Yea I had to order my via Itead’s website. They ship from out of the country but I got the 5" screen for like $65 and I choose DHL shipping for $17 to get it quickest. The regular shipping was like $7 or something cheap.

I think its a resasonable price considering the size of the screens plus the free software for laying out graphics and buttons ect…

I’ll post more once I have a chance to get the display setup and looking good.

I’m looking into getting one!

On a side note, the guy in the video sounds like Julian Assange

@RWB seems like a nice display. How was your experience with this? I have been looking for something similar as well.