Sharing Spark Cores

I’m getting ready to teach a series of classes where students will be using spark for the first time. This will be a recurring event with new participants each time. I’ll be loaning out cores to every student and would like to grant them “temporary” access via the web interface.

Are there currently any methods for accomplishing the above? Can I be the owner of each core and grant device id access to a select group of users? Is setting up a new spark account for each core the best way to do something like this - then I can change the password for each account at the the end of the class.

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You can generate Access_tokens for each core and delete them when the class is over :smiley:

I guess for now, there’s no way to control access with the Web IDE.

If you need them to program the Core via WEB IDE, the best is to have 1 account --> 1 core.

If the program is completed and you no longer need the accounts, you can unclaim all the cores and claim them under one account of your own.

If you are using like Spark-Cli to flash firmware to the cores, the access_token method would be awesome.

All under one account but each student is given an Access_token and a core_id to play with.

At the end of the day, you can delete all the access_token and the cores still remain on just 1 main Spark Web IDE account. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help Kenneth. i ended up going with the access_token method you’ve described above. Seems to be working perfectly so far.

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