How to use/claim a borrowed core?


I have borrowed a Spark Core from a friend and I have tried to claim it using the Build IDE and the CLI. However, to no success.


  • Is it possible to borrow cores from others?
  • If so what is the procedure?

I have successfully claimed my three other cores.

You need to ask your friend to unclaim the core in order for you to claim it.

This a security policy so that no cores are taken over without deliberate action. :wink:

Cool, thanks!

Hey guys,

We’re also working on a little utility that will be built into the web IDE that helps enable customers who are trying to claim Cores that are already claimed…the release is TBD but we recognize this process can be kind of a pain, especially when it involves reaching out to the Spark team, so we’re trying to provide an alternate path for resolving those issues.

Sounds great! I would definitely have appreciated a little note hinting to contact the owner of the core, who could then remove it from his account. So anything in that direction would be wonderful :smile:

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@will how’s that utility coming along? I would like to use Spark Core in my classroom however the claiming and releasing of devices is a sticking point. (I just posted a message about this under ‘General’).

best, Scott

@scottm the utility finally written up recently, and is currently undergoing testing before it’s released. I realize the timeline on this has been pretty long in the works, so I’ll drop a little note internally to see if we can get it tested and released to help in your class!

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Hi @scottm,

We’ve been thinking about digital ownership and security of connected devices a lot in the last year, and we’ve been working out a more flexible, smoother claim process for physical things that change hands.

For example, if someone buys / resells their internet-connected <insert cool thing here>, the previous owner shouldn’t be able to hold it ransom, but at the same time you don’t want someone taking over the locks on your house without your permission.

We built a lot of this already, and I believe we’re intending to include this with the Photon, so for example you can operate it in ‘shared mode’, or a ‘locked mode’, which will make it very easy to transfer ownership in exactly this scenario. :slight_smile:


thanks David and Will,
We will be starting classes in March, any tools you can provide to manage ownership would be much appreciated.
best, Scott

Hi @Dave @will,

any news on the utility for managing Spark device ownership? I’m excited to be starting class this week with a set of Spark Cores. Currently all the Cores are claimed by a generic account I set up for the class, however with everyone working with the same login things are going to get messy very quickly. An alternative to this would be great.

best, Scott

Hi @scottm,

Yeah! We’ve setup some special shared groups for some hackathons and conferences, and we can setup something similar for your class. Can you send me a list of the device ids, or some info about which account they’re claimed by, and I can tag them into a special claiming group for you?


Hi @Dave

yes, I can do this. but before I do can you tell me how the ‘special claiming group’ operates so I can assess if it will work in my situation?

thanks, Scott

Hey there @scottm! This is actually an issue that we’ve heard is a pain from a bunch of Spark users. Fear not! A solution is being rolled out over the next few days that will allow you to pass ownership of cores from one user to another right from the web IDE! @suda has been working very hard on this, and plans to ship it this week.This should make your problem a lot less problem-y, right?

Hi @scottm,

I think @jeiden is talking about a per-user feature and not a mass class / hackathon feature like the groups. Essentially the special group gives one user the ability to mass-unclaim a special group of devices for the use of hackathons / conferences / academic settings with a single command.


Hi @Dave @jeiden,

Both tools sound really useful. Thanks!
@Dave I will email you my Core IDs and owner account.

really enjoying building my class on the Core - great device!

best, Scott

Hi @Dave,

I ran my first workshop yesterday with the Spark Core. The students were super excited to discover how easily it was for them to produce Internet connected objects.

But, despite my best efforts, I now have one core that is claimed by a student and unusable by me. Some advice on how to get that one back would be much appreciated.

best, Scott

If you can get the DeviceID, and PM that to @Dave, he should be able to unclaim it.