Sharing Project (code + devices) between multiple users to develop and debug faster

Hi, we are 3 developers, we would like to share the project and devices between all of us , so we could develop and debug much faster…how to do that?..I have some older projects stored in cloud, but I can see anything like “share device and Project code with all revisions”…I can see only "Share this revision " in CODE section (I believe this willl not grant access to the device for flashing, and I will need to share it everytime I create new revision. which is crazy for 3 developers to do everytime we do some changes…Anybody can help?

Hi Jozef,

in development teams of all sorts the source code is stored in a version control system. Many many people use git and github in this case. And I believe it will be to your advantage.
So, you store your code in github in a private repository, the 3 developers download (with git clone then git pull commands) then upload (git push) your changes.
This takes a while to get used to but believe me, large and small projects are doing this already.

I even do this for personal projects, where the only developer is myself, since it is a handy way to have a backup of my work and a history of my changes.

So you want your tools to be:


and why not, the Particle Workbench (VS Code has a great Git plugin):



Adding on to what @gusgonnet said:

There’s some good information about using Particle Workbench with GitHub in the documentation.


Also, using GitHub is optional. We use git for version control but store our repositories on our own in-house file server.

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