Setup Button Required & LED Indicator?

New to the particle platform. The docs say that the RGB LED indicator and the setup button are required when making your own devices. Is this true? I can imagine a product that has an LCD and an input mechanism and that the the user is presented with icons on the LCD to indicate the effective RGB status and menu options that a user could select that puts the device into setup mode. Is this possible or is there something in the OS that specifically requires the setup button and RGB LED?

The RGB just tells you the current status and errors at any given time so without it and another way of getting these status messages it would be hard to work with but I would say the LED is not 100% required once you have the system up and running how you want it.

Where does it say that? Maybe some other wording could prevent confusion.
Iā€™d say SETUP and RGB LED are a very handy option but not compulsory.

From the P1 Documentation:

When using the P1 module, it is very important to remember that your device must have an RGB LED to show the user the connectivity status. Also required is a SETUP and RESET button to enter various Device Modes. By default the RGB LED outputs are configured for a Common Anode type of LED. These components should be wired according to the P1 Reference Design - User I/O. RGB pins may be accessed in code as: RGBR, RGBG and RGBB.

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