Set string values using an Android App


I’m new this so it may be a stupid question but is there a way to pass string values to the photon using a mobile app and save them on the particle.

I want customers to setup the particle and specify what phone number and message they would like to receive when a event is triggered.

I want to automate this process.

This will be the functions you want to investivate first for the device side

And here is the link for the Android side
in particular

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Thanks @ScruffR

Does the Particle.function() save the received value so after the device reboots it knows what was the last value?

Have a look:

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No it doesn't, hence you need to store the data either in EEPROM as Moors7 already mentioned or if you only mean a reset/deep sleep without actuall loss of power you could get away with Backup RAM

But EEPROM would be the best way to go for configuration data.