Serialport dependency and Particle-USB - Win11

I am an average Particle Ecosystem user and recently bought a new Win11 laptop. I am having a few issues where I cannot upload my binary over usb.

I have tried different usb ports, updating my particle-CLI and tried installing the serialport package separately. What is the best way to fix this issue? I am seeing this with the particle-usb module seen below.
Running Win11
Node version - v18.13.0
Particle CLI version 3.7.0


Did you manually install the Particle CLI using npm install? If so, I would remove it (npm uninstall -g particle-cli) then reinstall it using the CLI installer. This will make sure all of the necessary dependencies are installed.

I just tested it with Windows 11 Pro and it worked for me.

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Wow super quick reply! I’ll try that.

Worked like a charm, thanks for your help! Do you know why the manual installation does not handle dependencies well? ( I installed one of them as well, individual dependency would also not load.)

It should have worked, but it sometimes doesn’t, and I’m not sure why.

In any case, it’s still a good idea to use the installer because it installs dfu-util and the DFU device drivers, which you will almost certainly eventually need anyway.