Selling (50) Particle Photons - $600 OBO


I’m selling (50) Particle Photons for $600 or best offer. They’re all brand new, and 49 of them are sealed - 1 of them has been opened but is unused. All are in perfect condition. I no longer have a need for them, unfortunately, so I’m selling them at below market rate. Will ship them for free, or we can meet in person if you are in the NYC area.

Happy to answer any questions. Also, apologies if this isn’t allowed in the forums - I didn’t see any mention of this in the rules.




@obscyuriy just curious what’s the photons originally planned for?

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We were going to use them to make a bunch of prototypes for a product I’m working on, but we’re not going to be working on the product in the near-term future.


I hope people picks it up!

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Yuriy -

So tempting… Would you perhaps take $250 for 25 of them??? :slight_smile:

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I am in for the other 25 batch ! Do you ship internationally?

sure, though I might have to ask you to pay for shipping in that case. can you PM me? I can’t seem to message you for some reason.