Seekway 8X8X8 RGB LED cube ---Spark Core?

Gents, I have a Seekway RGB Cube that flashes from SD card. On the SD card is a binary file that has about 33 animations. When I look at the binary with a hex editor there is text that refers to the Spark Core and CC3000. I’m looking for a way to extract the .BIN file and ultimately create animations and create my own BIN files. Any thoughts?

Extracting the original source from the binary can be considered not possible.
The same goes for adding features to a binary.

The best option you have is contacting the creators and ask for advice there.
Or build your own from scratch :wink:

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Thank you. Yep. I probably worded that incorrectly. I know the binary is the compiled version whatever was used to create. It looks like the seekway used a compiler compatible with Spark Core. Is there a program or process that creates a BIN for the Spark core. Perhaps some existing BINS that I could try on the SD card.
This is the online IDE to build for particle devices (Spark Core was the first in the familiy)

This is the CLI to build binaries and flash them to the device.

But when you say you insert an SD into your cube and the device pulls the data in automatically I guess there is more to this binary than just the animations alone.