Secure data download to a mesh device

I am looking at approaches to download small(ish) - 4K binary files to Xenon devices. Given that the Particle.function data load is now 622 bytes would it be feasible to send a number of packets of data as Base64 encoded characters within the 622 bytes argument. Given the nature of the Particle.function, delivery is confirmed with the return code and would be secure as well. I assume that there is no chance that packets can arrive out of sequence. Clearly this requires the mesh device to be Cloud connected through a gateway. Are there any obvious downsides to such an approach? Thanks for any input.

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@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

That is the recommended approach. However, at the moment Gen3 can only do 255 bytes – oops. This will be addressed when the Gen2 and Gen3 Device OS trains are merged – and I don’t have a date for that yet.