SEARCHING someone in **Montréal** to help me

Hi there,

I actually looking to hire/partner with someone that can help me to continue the development of me prototyping.

R / C is a project that aims to boost the vending machine industry through the commercialization of a new range of machines.

If you have the experience, I will provide you more information about all the project


Hi i am from the south shore. AKA DevIoTCanada

@fdesmarteaux is this a Particle related project? Or not, we might have to remove it. Thanks!

This thread will be hidden till the relevance of this topic on this Particle forum is established

Yes it’s ! I’m working with the Photon and the Electron. Both of them.

Please relisted the post I need help. @ScruffR

Perhaps it’s best if you included that information in your post, as well as additional information on what’s required/expected from people.
As it stand, it’s all a bit vague, and doesn’t really paint the picture that this has to do with Particle.

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