SDcard reader shield for spark core

I need help I want to know if there is a shield currently which can read sdcard or write to it?

@kennethlimcp has designed and built an awesome shield, can read/write micro SD and also has FRAM, you can read about it here

I mean can i buy it or would I have to make it ? Also can you tell me the up time of the spark core with the battery shield and its stock battery attached to it?

I cant buy his shield anymore ;( any links to a sdcard reader for the spark :frowning:

I have one Kenneth sent me for testing, I’d rather see you use it now, than I hold onto it and use it down the road.

You pick up the shipping charges, and it’s yours. I think it only has a single FRAM chip, but I’d need to double check that.

PM me if you’re interested.

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I would love to have it Andy :slight_smile: but I dont know how to PM (shy) … I will love to pay for the shield itself too + shipping.

Is there anyway that I can get my hands on this shield? I am willing to pay for the cost. :smile:

Sorry, I sent it to @linkstatic last year.