Custom Shield - Battery Shield

Hello Spark Community!

Now that the uSD/FRAM shield is completed, I’m just wondering if the community would like an enhanced version of the existing battery shield.

Throw in your ideas here and let’s see if we can have something great made, together as a community :D.

The form-factor should likely something like the uSD/FRAM shield:

Have a great weekend!


I’m currently taking a step to route the existing Battery Shield into the form factor

This might be an advantage for people with space constraint. :smile:

So hard to keep them within 1 layer!!!

Maybe you could work with @timb to help take his battery shield idea across the finish line?


With header sockets top and bottom we can stack these “Mini-Shields”! :smile:

Why even try to keep to 1 layer when the cost for a through hole plated 2 layer board is so cheap these days, especially in that size?

You’ll also have issues with the pad on the underside of the battery charger IC as it needs to have via’s and a ground plane on the lower side to act as heat dissipation. I know this from experience of using the same types of devices. They get pretty hot. :smile:

If you are using the MCP73871 charger IC, pay attention to how you track out the power connections. Ideally you want to be using polygon planes to do this. Take a look at the demo board datasheet for the device and you will see how they do the PCB layout. Your single tracks into and out of the device may well be cause for issues. Your tracks are too thin. 500mA battery charging is a lot of power. Remember, that’s 2 watts at 4.2V :smile:

The MCP73871 datasheet mentions the use of VIA’s in the pad to dissipate the heat.

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Is there a way to purchase a couple of this fram usd shields?

I would love to see the charger come to reality along with a BLE shield.


I was just having fun try to route them all in one layer early in the morning. :smiley:

Maybe it’s time to route it properly. haha!

Just wondering if anyone is even interested in the battery shield is already in the Spark Store.

I’m more interested in doing up a new version with different features/IC depending on demand.

It’s done! :smiley:

Thanks @v8dave for the reminder man. It’s funny how i sold my first batch of shields but never owned any before. Those high power traces are not something i’m familiar with. :stuck_out_tongue:

@will and @mohit, I’ll be happy to share the files if there’s interest to change the shape of the existing battery shield.

Otherwise, it’s more like a fun activity for me to practice routing in EAGLE CAD ;).

But seriously, the plan is to have an enhanced version so do throw your ideas in guys!!

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There is lots of interest to change the shape! (No offense to whoever created the mustachioed one!)

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@wgbartley @kennethlimcp I agree that there’s definitely interest in developing an alternative battery shield, and we’d love to support anyone who’s interested in pushing the project to a manufacturable state.

As a side note, as much as we joke about the shape of the mustached battery shield, it actually sells quite well! I’m sure that an improved geometry would only improve those sales, but we’re hesitant to pull the SKU from the store until a comprehensive replacement is ready for distribution.

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I agree @will! Saw those downsized Battery shield during the SZ visit and they look awesome :smile:

This discussion is to see what people are looking for in an enhanced version of the battery shield so that we can work towards it as a community. :wink:

Hello @kennethlimcp , Along with @frlobo I’d like to know how to purchase the fram/sd-shield. Do you still have some available and how much would it cost to ship one to the Netherlands?

id happily back a stackable battery shield.


@kennethlimcp-We are currently using a 13 x 20 mm board we built

If interested I can ship 1 to you.

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