Another battery shield? anyone?

can i create a new battery shield that has no shape of the moustache? i need to make much smaller battery shield

You could but @timb is already making one and the battery shield is now the width of the small breadboard :slight_smile:

is there any compatible battery shield there in the market that can be charged?

Hmm… there are some sold by sparkfub adafruit etc and you can jump wires to the Vin and GND on the core.

The shield @timb is making is like a made for :spark: shield and the existing battery shield plugs directly to the female usb connector.

Make things all simpler :slight_smile:

My battery shield should be in production sometime this summer! It will be an official replacement for the current shield and be sold directly by Spark and their distributors. :smile:

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thanks! i’ll wait for that