Sainsmart TGS2600 help

Hello, i’m trying to figure out how to use this Sainsmart TGS2600 i purchased from here:

Anyways, I have tried setting it up in several different ways and im not entirely sure what to do or how to understand anything it outputs. I have sent Sainsmart tech support a lot of emails without any help, and have only seen datasheets for the TGS, but not the breakout board with it.

Does ANYBODY have any basic test code or schematics i could reference for better understanding?

here is the datasheet:

there are larger ones with more information i can provide if necessary.

Here are a few github projects i have looked through and havent deciphered very well:

Thank you for your time if you made it this far.

If you would like for me to produce what i have written in code, i can do that as well, however it isnt much