How to get accurate data from sparkfun SGP30 sensor data using particle photon

Hi, everyone

I am not an expert with the coding of particle platforms.
I have bought Sparkfun sgp30 gas sensor and want to get its data using particle photon.

I have seen its arduino library which is given in Sparkfun but haven’t got something productive.

Can anyone please help me get the data of this sensor.

Thanx in advance

Typically it’s best to search the forum to see whether someone already had the same need as yourself
So this would be the results you get with a search for sgp30

And there are two libraries for that sensor (although not particularly the Sparkfun boards) in Web IDE

If you need anything these sources don’t provide you’re welcome to clarify

thanx for the response, but i need simple ino file which read only 2 bytes to get the sensor data if possible.

@adam1, each of the libraries comes with an example .ino file to demonstrate how to use the library. Everything you need is in those examples.

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