Running Spark-Setup-iOS SDK with ProductMode ON leads to error - Activation Code missing

I am using the spark-setup-ios to setup and claim a commercial product and we are currently in a late development phase and test software, mobile apps. I’ve set the SparkSetupCustomization to use productMode and also set productID to match the ID of my product.

When entering the device assistant and starting setup I get the following issue with API:

generateClaimCodeForOrganization Failed (status code 400): {
    code = 400;
    error = "activation code was empty";
    ok = 0;

I am not pretty sure what that activation code is but when looking into the documentation it says the following about activation_code:

Activation Code. Only required if product is in private beta. Product endpoint only.

Does that mean that I have to chose a plan (currently on free plan for testing and development) to get this working?

If activation code is required where can I find it? I cannot find anything about it in the docs!




Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 are you able to assist?


@simmikolon did you ever solve this? Im having the same issue.

Make sure you don’t have Private Beta enabled. If enabled, you need to have an activation code.

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