RSSI between Mesh nodes?


Is there (or are there plans for) a way to read the RSSI between two Mesh devices?


I agree - a capability similar to WiFi.RSSI() would really help tracking down comms problems.


There will be a Mesh RSSI function. It will likely return the RSSI of the last communication between the node and its gateway or repeater (which may change as the mesh topology changes).

It’s something that’s available in the underlying Nordic SDK, but the function hasn’t been exposed to user firmware yet. I don’t have a date for when that will be released, but it’s planned.


I figured that you’d probably have it coming, eventually. I still think it might be useful to be able to obtain RSSI between arbitrary pairs of nodes, though. It would be really useful for being able to monitor the overall structure and health of the mesh. If your mesh nodes were mobile robots, you could even use it to create “swarm” or “flock” behaviors, to keep nodes from wandering away from their siblings.


Hi @rickkas7,

I came across this subject, since I am struggling at the moment with one of my clients. I would like to know when the Mesh RSSI will be released ?

This could be a great feature, in order for us (the developers & clients) to understand the limits the mesh network could have, depending on the building or location where it needs to get deployed. In addition, this could be a time saver when dealing with corporations that need a quote before going in.