RPLidar Library port

Hi All,

I’m trying to use a RPLidar A1M8 scanner with a Boron and or Argon.

When I try to use any of the simple examples from the arduino library (see below) it causes my argon to go into SOS mode. The only real thing I changed in the example is changing Serial to Serial1 for the lidar connection.

What is my best option to try and make some progress here?

The SOS seems to occur at:


I did come across this thread, but even the sample code in this thread that user @ccc has said kind of works, causes my system to go into SOS.

There is also an arduino library available:

Actually, I just found a pull request on the Library GitHub with the following comment:

RPLidar::begin() was declared to return bool when
it actually returns void. This can lock up some

After declaring RPLidar to return a void, my device no longer seems to exhibit an SOS. Will update on progress with Library as I make it. Hopefully this post might help someone with a similar issue. @ccc if you see this and are still seeing issues with this library, might be worth a try?

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