RH_RF95 cannot compile


I am working on the Particle Desktop IDE with a Photon.

When I try to add the RH_RF95 library by Wiliam Espinoza which is included in the Particle libraries, I cannot compile the project.
The compiler errors I get imply that I have not added the library. However I have both added and copied the library.
I also include “RH_RF95.h” file.

Has anyone tried this library? Is there a special way to make it work?


edit: here are the first errors I get:
no matching function for call to ‘RH_RF95::RH_RF95(int, int)’
‘class RH_RF95’ has no member named ‘init’

and it goes like that for every function of RH_RF95.

It is driving me crazy.

Here is how I did it: Photon LoRaWAN node?

Thanks RWB!! It worked!
I didn’t manage to have a proper communication yet mainly because I have different connections and I used the constructor with the two parameters which uses the interrupt, so perhaps there is a thing.

Also I don’t have a small cable for antenna, which I am going to attach right now!

Thanks again!

I am having problems.

I can see some of the messages transmitted, not all, one out of 20-30 messages will be seen in the terminal of the server.

However the server has never managed to send back an ACK.

Any ideas?
I am working with 433 MHz, so I left out the part of the frequency chainging.

My setup was using the 915 Mhz radios, so the frequency is set in the code for 915mhz.

Yes I saw that in the code and removed the two lines.

You can’t remove those lines, you just have to change the frequency to whatever your radios operate at.