RGBMatrixPanal not supported in Argon/Boron

Hello Particle Communitiy,
I am trying to use RGBMatrixPanal with Argon and Boron…
I used P4 Outdoor RGBPanal with Argon…
In that i use RGBMatrixpanal.h library for argon and boron but i got so many errors.
Is there any library available or any solution for this so i can easily run RGBMatrixPanal using Argon/Boron???


@ParthPatel, the RGBMatrixPanel library is not compatible with Gen3 devices since it uses the SparkIntervalTImer library that needs access to hardware timers. The Gen3 devices, which are based on the NRF52840 do not have any available hardware timers. You can only run the RGBMatrixPanel library on Gen2 (Photon, Electron) devices.

Is there any other solution for this so i can run RGBMatrixPanal using Argon/Boron?..

No, there is not

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