Reviving a bricked photon using electron and SWD?


My photon stopped working after an OTA flash that didn’t go as planned.
It shows a solid D7 led, no RGB led at all, doesn’t respond to attempts to DFU or safe mode.

I read in a few posts here about
I have a spark core, a photon, and an electron.
The photon is bricked so I wanted to do it from the core or the electron but it didn’t seem to work correctly.
When I tried to use the web IDE to flash it to the core it didn’t compile.
So I downloaded the .bin file from the releases section for the electron, and flashed it via usb.
Then I tried to connect via screen /dev/cu.usbmodel1234 9600 but nothing is displayed and it isn’t responding to any key press.
I also tried the serial tool in the particle dev app - same results (nothing’s printed or responds).

The electron starts with a breathing white RGB, that changes to a blinking blue after a few seconds.
Running particle serial list returns the electron successfully.

I don’t have JTAG.

What can I do ??
Is my photon lost for ever ?

Thank you.

How exactly

particle flash --serial norwegian_blue_electron.bin
// or
particle flash --usb norwegian_blue_electron.bin

I’d advise for the latter and what’s the output of that?

What’s the output of particle serial inspect before and after the flash?


That was insane!!
It worked!

Thank you very much!!!

I’m quite shocked it actually worked and I got my photon back!!!