Reverse engineering firmware on particle/spark core

Is there a way to extract the firmware code that has been flashed to a Particle device? I don’t want to know how to do it - I merely want to know if it is possible. The reason I am asking is that I might be distributing devices for a particular purpose and I don’t want people to read the code and tamper with it.


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Simply put yes. You have to assume there’s a way to extract the firmware with a debugger or other tool, unless the microcontroller manufacturer has provided you with a way to secure the firmware. That’s a common requirement in automotive systems for example.

Note that extracting the firmware would only show the binary executable code (assembly), not the C source code.


As long as they cannot de-compile my code I’m fine with it. Thanks!

Decompile it to what end? If they are smart, and you have something “hidden” in your code, you should assume they can find it.

Or are you concerned about easy access to your source code and plagiarism?


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There are no military grade secrets that would require a high end hacker. I am more concerned about, as you said, easy access to source code and plagiarism.

Yeah, you should be pretty safe there, particularly if you compile your code with optimizations turned on.