RESOLVED: Where to find default cloud server IP and key files?

EDIT: I found the answer to this in a post by @kennethlimcp. Thanks buddy.

I’ve recently been playing with spark-server and have reconfigured a 'core for that purpose. Now I want to reconfigure my 'core to once again work with the cloud server.

But I cannot seem to find any reference to the correct server IP or key files required for this … meaning that I need the data to supply spark keys server ... to reconfigure my 'core, namely a public key file and an IP address for the Spark cloud server.

Anyone? Thanks.

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There’s also a back up copy of the core key prior to flashing the new one.

See pre_coreid....

Not when it’s a factory core, apparently. My .spark folder contained only the configuration file. But yes, after re-creating my own key, now there’s a pre_... backup file in there.